One impression equals 1/2 broadside sheet, for one folio (in the standard of folio printer), impression=page number/binding size(1) Impression=96/16=6, i.e. 6 impression means to use 6 folios (3 broadside sheets) to complete a book.
※ One impression of the printing plate has 16 folios, 8 page numbers on the front and 8 on the back, which constitute an impression.
(2) A 16-mo book with 88 page numbers, impression=88/16=55. In theory, five and half impression, i.e. five and half folios could complete the book.
(3) A 16-mo book with 92 page numbers, impression=92/16=575, in theory, five and three fourths pages could complete the book.
(4) A 16-mo book with 94 page numbers, impression=94/16=5875, in theory, five and seven eighths pages could complete the book.

General Knowledge of Binding

Signature:fold the impression (cut or uncut) into several folds according to page number and sequence. The fold with multi-pages is called a signature of book-block. After collocating the folded signatures into volumes by order and combine them, it is called saddle stitching. Impression→folding→collating→wrappering→saddle stitching→cutting
Method for glue binding: impression→folding→collating→glue binding→wrappering→cutting
※ Method for folding page number: fold the sheet from right to left—turn 90 degrees clockwisely till obtaining satisfied size.Turn the sheet from left to right horizontally, and cut a corner in the right bottom, then mark page number
Method for glue binding

Saddle stitching and glue binding are introduced below:

The introduced knowledge of binding can serve as the foundation for correct make-up. Different folding and collating methods require different make-up methods, e.g. 16-mo book with 32 folios are made up by saddle stitching and adhesive binding.
(1) saddle stitching
saddle stitching
(2) glue binding
glue binding
If you have understood the method for folding page number and collating method for saddle stitching and glue binding, you can make up the plate above.
Auto reprint: one print plate prints two sides of a paper sheet, gripper does not change its direction when the sheet turns.
Positive reprint: one print plate prints two sides of a paper sheet, the gripper changes its direction when the sheet reprint, positive reprintin example (4) 0.875 printed sheets, 81 to 94 pages 14 page numbersglue binding

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